Villelli Enterprises, Inc. is a full service management company.  We have valuable experience in local rent structures, lease agreements, maintenance needs, insurance requirements and bookkeeping services for apartments, commercial office, industrial, and retail property.

Property Management Services  

  • Brokerage services

  • Direct target contacts

  • Displaying professional management signage

  • Website  

Tenant Screening  
  • Thorough application process, background check, derogative lines of credit, etc.

  • Credit bureau access 

Lease Administration  
  • Market analysis for optimum rent possible 

  • Lease preparation, security deposit, rent payments

  • Individual attention for tenant

  • Responsive to tenant concerns  

Rental Income Control & Collections  
  • Collection of rents and deposits

  • Three day notices and late fees for late rent

  • Unlawful detainers (evictions) as needed  

  • Provide 24hr manager contact availability

  • Low cost competitive bidding

  • Lower costs through buyer power

  • Licensed vendors called in to make major repairs

  •  Monitor and oversee outside vendor contract work

  • High quality maintenance with management follow-up  

Property Inspections  
  • Weekly site inspections by property manager
  • Written work orders to provide recording of property’s condition with timely response to maintenance needs
  • Arrange inspections before & after tenant moves in  
Computerized Accounting Functions  
  • Clear & concise month-end reports
  • Annual budgeting
  • Year-end 1099 statements for tax purposes
  • A/P can include mortgages, insurance, taxes, licenses, etc.  
Management Fee 
VE management includes both physical and financial care of your investment for accelerated strength and performance in the market.  Owners/clients may select from a full spectrum of our services listed above or any one service to fit their property’s needs. Our services are offered on a negotiated fee basis to satisfy ownership objectives.  
Property Management
Our staff are experienced in lease administration, tenant retention practices, vendor contract management, budgeting, cost control, monthly financial variance reporting, legal and collection issues, repair and maintenance issues and tenant improvements.  


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